Effective Stockmanship

12 Sep

by Jesse Bussard

On Tuesday, September 6th, I attended the United Producers, Inc. (UPI) Ag Day in Bowling Green, KY.  UPI brought Curt Pate to Kentucky for this event to have him conduct a “Stockmanship & Stewardship” clinic during their event.  This was the fourth time I have attended one of Curt’s clinics and I can say with confidence that it’s something every cattlemen needs to attend at least once.  Curt’s methods truly do work.  I’ve seen it first hand.

The way most people learn how to handle cattle was from the parents or their grandparents.  They do what they do because that’s the way they’ve always done it and never think twice about possibly doing things another way.

Curt Pate challenges this mentality and suggest instead of just working cattle he takes the time to understand why they react the way the do to certain stimuli.  And through this understanding, he uses it to better cattle handling methods.  In the end, it’s a win-win situation.  Both the producer and the livestock benefit with improved safety, healthier, calmer animals, and increased consumer confidence.

While at UPI’s Ag Day, Ray Bowman of the Food and Farm Radio Show sponsored by Feedstuffs Foodlink had the opportunity to interview Curt.  To learn more about effective stockmanship and Curt’s methods listen to the interview here.

Photos courtesy of Ray Bowman.

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