Meet Jaclyn Wilson-Demel, YPC Resolutions Committee Member

07 Mar

The Young Producers Council asked the leadership board to provide our readers with a little background information on themselves and their thoughts on the current beef industry. Today, we feature YPC Resolutions Committee Member, Jaclyn Wilson-Demel of Lakeside, Nebraska. Here’s what she had to say…

Greetings from Western Nebraska! I’m Jaclyn Wilson-Demel and I’m serving as Resolutions Committee chair for YPC.  I attended school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and returned home to the family operation in 2002.

Wilson Ranch was founded in 1888.  I’m the fifth generation that is back living/working on the ranch that is located northeast of Lakeside in the Nebraska Sandhills.  The ranch consists of my parents (Blaine and Charlie), my aunt and uncle (Bryan and Debbie) and my grandma (Jane).  I got married in Costa Rica last November and my husband Ryan currently works in logistics and helps out on the weekends.

We originally started with a purebred Hereford herd, incorporated Red Angus genetics in the 70’s, South Devon genetics in the 80’s and are now focused on raising high percentage Red Angus cattle.  Our goal is to raise a moderate, consistent, efficient animal that performs from the pasture to the plate.  Wilson Ranch received the first Leopold Conservation Award for the state of Nebraska in 2006 and was recently featured in the book “Generations on the Land.”

I’m currently serving my second year on the Nebraska Cattlemen Board of Directors and one of the things that I cherish is those people that took a chance on a “young un”.  YPC gives that younger generation an opportunity to become involved on a national level.  At the same time it brings fresh, new and exciting ideas to the table.  We may not have the “wisdom” of the older generations, but that does not mean we are lacking in passion, desire, and wanting to make a difference in this great community.

Along with ranching and NC, I also serve on the Nebraska Ag Leadership Council, Church board, enjoy doing metal artwork, traveling, and working to ensure that we are raising the best product we can.  In my other spare time, I write a blog “Jac’d Up” that can be found at  Feel free to contact me with any ideas via facebook or at on what you’d like to see accomplished with future resolutions.  I’m proud to be a NCBA and YPC member and we CAN make a difference!

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