Gold Medal for US Farmers and Ranchers

09 Aug

BY KAROLINE ROSE – Three Forks, Montana

Have you been watching the Olympics? The athletes from all over the world are incredible. They are dedicated, hardworking, and striving to make their county proud. Often times they work sun up to sun down for months on end without a break, all going after one goal, one dream. Their dedication sounds similar to farmers and ranchers all over the world who are hardworking, humble people who strive to raise the highest quality food possible.Without farmers and ranchers these athletes wouldn’t have a chance at competing in the Olympics. They wouldn’t have the nutrients needed to be able to compete.

For the past few weeks we have heard all about the Olympics, the athletes are role models and people from all over the world look up to them and respect them. They are so similar to farmers and ranchers and yet farmers and ranchers don’t get enough credit. No one watches them on TV or sponsors them, but honestly what would your life be like without farmers and ranchers. Yes, you may have a TV but there would be no couch to sit on, no athletes to watch, no popcorn to snack on.

In my mind ranching and farming should be an Olympic sport. Who can turn wheat into bread the fastest, how long does it take to doctor 10 calves? In the world of agriculture, we often spend all year physically and mentally preparing for major events in our life, whether those events are harvest or calving. We need to be in shape and prepared to be the best farmer or rancher there is, just like an Olympic athlete.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Olympics and have spent most nights with my laptop on my lap on the couch watching them, but to me, I consider my dad an Olympian.

Not only does he work hard to put food on your table but he also provides for his family day in and day out. He is just like every farmer and rancher; they work in agriculture because they love it. Think about Michael Phelps, his body was made for swimming, and he is truly incredible. He loves to swim but I can bet some mornings at 5 am he would rather sleep than train but he has a county to make proud, people who watch him on TV and he is a role model. Ranchers are the same way, often times they don’t want to get up at 5 am and check the heifers but they do it because they love it! They make sacrifices everyday just like the athletes on TV. Next time you see a farmer or rancher tell them you are proud of them. They deserve the respect and support of our county. They deserve a gold medal.
Tonight while watching the Olympics, look around and notice things around your living room. Everything that has to do with plants or animals would be gone without ranchers, just like we wouldn’t have an Olympics without athletes. Olympic athletes get fame and fortune for working; hopefully they will also win a gold metal. Notice that without the work ethic of a gold medalist there would be food or clothes for you to wear. Thank a farmer today!

Karoline is a rancher from Three Forks, Montana. She is currently a student at Montana State University and is co-president of Collegiate Stockgrowers on campus. Follow her on Twitter: @RoseCattleCo.

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One response to “Gold Medal for US Farmers and Ranchers

  1. urbanfooddude

    August 9, 2012 at 11:35 AM

    Good work, Karoline. Sports (entertainment, for that matter) have always been part of humanity. Lucky for us who are not starving, worrying about our next meal, we watch the Olympics (any sports event) and fulfill a desire to be entertained. Furthermore, a satisfied appetite accords Olympians a global sea of fans. If fans were hungry, which some no doubt are, then food, farmers, agriculture, not entertainment, are the top priorities.

    Thing is, agriculture is a top priority. The grocery stores are full, the clothing stores are full. Houses are being built everyday. Behind all this activity is agriculture. So who really does deserve a gold medal?


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