The Lines of Leaders

10 Sep


Ever run into a group of guys who are just constantly reciting the lines of movies? It’s so lame right? Just non-stop, repetition of lines that were either really cheesy, or so dull, that they don’t even register in your memory bank. And it is sooo vexing, because at first, you think “Wait, what movie is that from? Oh yeah, that was a funny line.” And even the second time they make the reference, you might chuckle a little. But by the fourteenth time that line is repeated… “C’mon man! What are you a parrot?!”

Well, I got news for you my friends; my buddies and me, we are those guys. Yup, sorry, but we do it non-stop.  And we fall over laughing every time. Really, we use jokes and punch lines from any type of movie, but hands down, the most over used lines come out of westerns. Now, for you younger generations, I am not referring to Will Smith’s, Wild Wild West, and certainly not Cowboys and Aliens. I am talking about the good ones. The classics. I’m talking John Wayne, Robert Duval and Clint Eastwood. The reason we constantly over use them though is because for the most part, they are witty, cogitative, philosophical comments that lead to the meaning of life. Alright, maybe that’s too far, but they are applicable to everything, especially the beef industry and the Young Producers Council. So, let me rattle off a few of my favorites to show you what I mean. Hopefully, you recognize some of the lines or at least some of the movies they’re derived from. If nothing rings a bell, then you either need to stop living under a rock or you need to quit being a terrorist, fighting against democracy.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy:  Boy, I got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals.

Boom. Hard to deny that one isn’t deep, philosophical and cogitative. (That’s right, I’ve used cogitative twice now!) Seriously though, you have got to have vision. You have to start with the end in mind. Don’t just do things just to do them. Do them purposefully. Don’t join YPC just to join. Have a purpose. Join because you want to learn more about NCBA. Join because you want to learn more about the policies that affect the beef industry.  Join because you want to develop an exceptional network of intellectual individuals, who are leaders within the beef industry and are passionate about what they do. (I know you’re wondering how I became a member, me too.)

Lonesome Dove

Gus: Lorie, darlin’! Fine looking horse you’re riding.

Lorie: Jake bought her for me. From Mary Pumpkin.

Gus: Well, I’m surprised she’d sell her.

Jake: Well, I had fifty dollars to spend, Gus….

Gus: Money well spent, Jake. Both times.

Classic line. So, this one is a little bit of a stretch. Especially if you remember this hilarious scene from the movie. Either way, I know it is expensive to join NCBA, or to attend conventions and seminars, especially for broke, snot nose kids, who have just graduated from college and are up to their ears in debt. But trust me; we at YPC are working diligently on this. We are putting together programs to award scholarships, reduce membership dues, and make things more affordable. But really, is it that expensive? What’s that? You spent $102.13 at the bar last night? Buying drinks for that one random girl and her friends, and she clearly wasn’t interested and she didn’t even give you her number? And now, you can’t even find her on facebook? Maybe look at a better investment, Buddy. Like developing your leadership skills and increasing your knowledge of the beef industry. Just saying…

True Grit

Rooster Cogburn: Fill your hands, you son of a ….!!!

Yeah that’s right, fill your hands! Do something! Don’t just stand around in the sun like you ain’t got no sense. Go join an industry association. Learn more about the policies that can affect your day to day operations. Read materials to gain an understanding of the technologies that are out there that look to increase efficiencies and lower cost. Go talk to consumers about the safest, highest quality, most affordable protein that we so proudly produce. Tell your story. Sure, it may not be as epic as taking a herd from south Texas to Montana, but it is nothing to be bashful about. And like repeating a terrible line from that cowboy movie that nobody remembers, do it over and over again. Because you telling your story, you being involved in the industry, you demonstrating a proactive attitude, is as pertinent to the sustainability of the beef industry as John Wayne was to the western movie genre.

J.W. Wood – thinks it may have gotten a little too deep there at the end, but still think it’s hilarious he got to write about Lonesome Dove. Wood is originally from Hawaii and works for JBS Five Rivers.


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