About Young Producers’ Council

NCBA’s Young Producers Council (YPC) is a group for NCBA members between the ages of 18 and 35. Opportunities for YPC members include a voting membership on NCBA policy group committees, professional development and leadership activities, networking opportunities, continuing education and career information, targeted communications and special offers and services.

YPC was formed July 2008, and members met for the first time during the Cattle Industry Annual Convention & Trade Show Jan. 29, 2009, in Phoenix. The group elected an interim chair and vice chair and made recommendations for appointments to policy group committees.

To find out more, or to get involved with the Young Producers’ Council, visit  You can also contact our Chairman, Lance Zimmerman ( Be sure to also check out the YPC Cattle Call on Facebook and Twitter.

Information on upcoming leadership opportunities:

2012 YPC Leadership Board

  • Lance Zimmerman, Colo. – Chairman
  • J.W. Wood, Hawaii – Vice Chair
  • Travis Hoffman, Colo. – Secretary
  • Faustine Curry, Texas – Agricultural Policy
  • RaeMarie Gordon, Colo. – Cattle Health and Well Being
  • Sarah Baker, Idaho – Federal Lands
  • Ansen Pond, Texas – Live Cattle Marketing
  • Jen Livsey, Texas – Membership
  • Evan Tate, Ky. – Property Rights and Environmental Management
  • Phillip Weltmer, Kan. – Tax and Credit
  • Jaclyn Wilson-Demel, Neb. – Resolutions
  • Ben Neale, Tenn. – Ex-officio Chair

Front row: Ben Neale (Ex-officio Chair), Travis Hoffman (Secretary), Ansen Pond (Live Cattle Marketing), Jaclyn Wilson-Demel (Resolutions), Jen Livsey (Membership); Back row: Faustine Curry (Agricultural Policy), Evan Tate (Property Rights and Environmental Management), RaeMarie Gordon (Cattle Health and Well Being), JW Wood (Vice Chair), Philip Weltmer (Tax and Credit); not pictured: Lance Zimmerman (2012 Chairman) and Sarah Baker (Federal Lands)


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