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Moosday: A calf is born

Have you ever seen a calf being born? It’s a common occurrence for many cattlemen and women during spring and fall calving. If you haven’t though, you may find this video from Cattle Call Editor, Jesse Bussard’s family’s Creekside Farm interesting. Creekside Farm is located in south central Pennsylvania and raises Hereford-Angus crossbred cattle. Included are a few photos of some of the calves that have recently been born on the farm. You can learn more about Creekside Farm on Jesse’s blog, Pearl Snaps’ Ponderings!

Sidenote: Don’t watch if you have a weak stomach :)


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Montana Moosday: Checking Calves

On this week’s Moosday, we feature Thad Hereim of White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Dr. Jude Capper and Lauren Chase followed Thad around one morning as he checked on calving cows and monitored the new little ones. Montana has had a pretty mild winter so there haven’t been too many reports of bad calving weather. Enjoy Moosday!

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Montana Moosday: Storey Herefords

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BY LAUREN CHASE (Montana Stockgrowers Association)

Winter in Montana has been rather mild this year and no one is complaining about that. It has made for a pretty calm calving season. Here are new calves from Storey Herefords near Bozeman, Montana. The photos were taken March 5 on a 60 degree day! Enjoy today’s Moosday!

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Moosday: Wyoming Heifers

This week’s Moosday photos come courtesy of Heather Hamilton of eastern Wyoming. Recently her family’s ranch vaccinated their heifers with the Bangs vaccinnation. Heather shares details on the process below….

In the western states, and Wyoming in particular, we are required by law to have all replacement heifers bangs vaccinated by one year of age. The bangs vaccination must be administered by a vet, who will also give each heifer a tattoo and a state official bangs tag. The tattoo and tag include a shield and numbers used to locate and identify where the animal originated. A bangs vaccination protects the female from brucellosis. This disease is particularly problematic in Wyoming due to our bison and elk herds, who can give it to cattle.
Most of the photos are of the process. The vet would first give each heifer a shot, then smear the green tattoo paint in the heifer’s right ear with a toothbrush and use a handheld tattooing tool to pierce the skin inside the ear and push the ink into the tattoo. Then he would give each heifer an official bangs ear tag, which is the orange rectangular tag. It is put in the top of the right ear because it’s less likely to be lost in that location.

To see more of Heather’s photography and read her blog check out


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A Humpy Moosday

It’s calving season at MJ Brahmans and that means lots of cute long eared baby Brahmans running around. MJ Brahmans is located just north of the East Pineywoods in Texas and is run my Jim & Melissa Laurent and their daughter, Mandy-Jo. You can learn more about MJ Brahmans on their Facebook page and on Melissa’s blog Humpin’ it in the Boonies. Also be sure to follow Melissa on Twitter (@JMJLaurent).

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Hereford Moosday


It’s Moosday and time for new moos to come into the world. This week, we feature calving photos from Montana. Ehlke Herefords (Townsend, Montana) was started by first-generation ranchers Della and Mark Ehlke. They have two daughters, Lacey and Jane’a who love to help on the ranch and hope to be able to continue it on.

“Our breeding philosophy is to focus on the female. It takes an exceptional cow to produce replacement quality breeding animals. Our cows are expected to perform: calve and mother without assistance, breed back in a timely manner and wean a good calf.” – Ehlke Herefords 

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Moosday: Peaches N Cream

This week Moosday features an interesting mix of cattle from Ronan, Montana. Basin View Ranch may only have 40 head of cattle, but they are 100% committed to producing top quality beef and caring for the environment. Owen and Cindy Forbes moved from California to ranch with their kids.  They work with their neighbors regularly, from helping during calving season to combining loads of cattle to ship to the feedlots. Cindy makes and sells crafts on Facebook as a hobby, and also loves spending time with “her girls” (the cows). Look carefully at the names on the ear tags. You’ll meet Cream, Cookie, and Cotton. The cattle are Angus, Shorthorn, Shorthorn/Angus Cross.

Happy Moosday!

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