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The new face of marketing: Producers expand the brand through social networking media

By now, you’re probably among one of the many cattle producers that has a Facebook page or a Twitter account.  You’ve heard about the benefits of using social media to advertise and market your business.  I came across this article in my Progressive Cattlemen Extra newsletter that I get in my email every week.  It’s a great source of information and if you’re interested in also receiving it you can go here.  Onto the article….

The new face of marketing: Producers expand the brand through social networking media

by Kindra Gordon

How do people hear about your business? It used to be you had to visit with folks face-to-face, via the phone or, at minimum, publicize your business through print and broadcast media.

But the Internet has added a new dimension to the “communication” realm, making it easier to keep folks informed around the clock.

Traditional communication forms are now supplemented with monthly, weekly or even daily posts to blogs, Twitter and Facebook formats.

These new-age social networking tools allow cattle producers to instantaneously showcase their show and sale cattle, let others know what is happening on their farm or ranch and to connect with others in and outside of the industry.

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