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Solid Foundation for Young Producers

BY TYREL OBRECHT (Montana Stockgrowers Association)

As I attended MSGA’s Mid-Year convention this last weekend, I noticed there was a solid amount of younger producers there. Also, I noticed some excited older members commenting on how happy they were to see such a good turnout of young members in recent events. As the world’s population is constantly increasing and demand for food grows, it is important that agriculture survives. The relationship between different generations of agriculture producers is very important to the survival of the industry.  The younger members of this industry learned their values, work ethic, and management skills from their elders, such as a grandfather or father.  On the other hand, younger producers provide a tech-savvy, innovative thinking young mind to collaborate with those tradition skills.

I am greatly appreciative of all of the older members I met this weekend who said they will look out for me in the future.  Some vowed to keep an ear open for job openings when I graduate college while some offered to hire me for the weekend when I’m not working at the office.  Some even just offered me to visit their ranch and relax when I get a free weekend.  By starting this relationship at a young age, I feel like I and other young producers can keep this industry going whether we produce beef, become loan officers, or marketers.

The older generation has set a solid foundation for young producers, and it is our duty to keep building on that, so generations below us can have the network and an even stronger foundation in years to come.

Northern Ag Network’s piece on youth at MSGA: “MT Stockgrowers: A Beacon of Youth Involvement” 


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MSGA Summer Intern Has Strong Ranching Roots

BY TYREL OBRECHT (Montana Stockgrowers Association)

Since this is my first blog post, I’ll start with saying I grew up in Turner, Montana. Turner is in north-central MT, about 10 miles from the Canadian border. I graduated high-school with 7 kids in my class; you could say it’s a small school.  My dad and grandpa run our family ranch, which has been in the family for over 110 years.  Every other summer I have spent at home, helping my family with operations such as AIing cows, haying, and maintaining the ranching facilities.

Growing up in a small town taught me that the simple things in life matter.  Technology is a great thing, but you can’t beat a small community and fun times with your closest friends.  We didn’t have programs most schools offered, such as football or BPA, but we got by, and most of us have done pretty well since then.  I’ve learned that 5 best friends beats 50 friends, and good neighbors are the best asset anyone could ask for.  I’m still in college, and I don’t know how long it’ll be before I move back to Turner or the ranch permanently, but I do know that it will always be my home, and I will do whatever I can until then to benefit agriculture, therefore benefitting small towns.

Last semester, I helped to found the Collegiate Stockgrowers club at Montana State University and I just started my summer internship with the Montana Stockgrowers Association. I hope to learn all about the ranch industry through a non-profit group and look forward to meeting more of Montana ranchers.

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